About Alice

For as long as i can remember I have had a love of colour and a urge to create, these things just naturally made me happy. I’m always searching out for something for my eyes to feast upon: shapes, colours, and how the two complement one another. I am not really a fan of rules when it comes to creating…I would make a terrible engineer!

I get excited and jump straight into things, and sometimes this makes for something intuitively beautiful, and sometimes it makes for a big messy learning curve – but both hold their value in my eyes. My love of abstract and abstract surrealism stems from its freedom and lack of rules, and has become my ‘goto’ form of art to express whatever’s in my head, to convey the feeling that can’t be explained in words, in such a way that others can take from it want serves them.

When I am creating a piece of work I am lost in the process, I am consumed and in a happy place, creating a feeling of relief and contentment. It’s my therapy.

I play over the same themes often, many reflecting natural open space, the water, sky, or vast open landscapes – and each time the mood or medium dictates a different outcome.

I hope my colourful creations can bring some joy to you.